10 x 10 Minnesota: Considering Pedagogies that Serve to Strengthen Student Learning - University of St. Thomas

October 10 - 12, 2003

American Council of Academic Deans (ACAD)
Holabird & Root

Leaders taking responsibility for shaping and reshaping the learning environment for 21st century students have many resources at their disposal, including research on ‘how people learn’ that documents the efficacy of a variety of teaching strategies. Perhaps a more important resource is the experience of seasoned practitioners in developing and implementing those strategies. In working to distill content to the essentials, to present complex ideas in understandable ways, and to foster the development of critical and analytical thinking, these leaders have come to understand:

  • the theories behind the practice of teaching, how to incorporate what is known about how people learn into the process of determining content, and designing pedagogies appropriate to presenting that content
  • the possibilities and pitfalls in exploring and integrating new pedagogies into a single course and/or into the departmental sequence of courses
  • the impact of technologies as a tool for learning, as well as for measuring the quality of student learning
  • the value of building collaborating communities of student learners, in classes large and small, at all levels of the undergraduate career
  • the importance of an institution-wide commitment to the work of faculty leaders who are exploring, implementing and assessing pedagogies that serve to strengthen student learning.


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