PKAL 2002 Summer Institute

June 1 - 2, 2002

The aim of the Institute was to give faculty and administrators access to hands-on experience with the work of leading agents of change, persons with documented success in exploring and implementing effective approaches to bringing students to a deeper understanding of the nature and content of science and mathematics.

Participants were to leave the Institute, Cluster I and/or Cluster II, with a clear agenda for action to implement on their home campus during the 2002 - 2003 academic year. This agenda for action was to focus on developing courses and labs for students who are STEM majors and those who are not; it was also deal with identifying critical resources and building the institutional infrastructure necessary for productive reform.

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Events & Activities


Departmental Transformation: A Case Study - University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
Gubbi Sudhakaran
This case study was presented at the PKAL 2002 Summer Institute in sessions organized by the National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics.
If, how, and when to renovate
Michael C. Lauber
Powerpoint presentation on Ursinus College, Dickinson College, and Lafayette College renovations and additions presented at the 2002 Summer Institute.
Introducing the Issues of Making Renovations to Classrooms and Laboratories
Richard M. Heinz
Richard M. Heinz of Research Facilities Design (RFD) spoke at the PKAL 2002 Summer Institute on issues raised before, during and after the renovation of laboratory spaces. Morningside College and the Walker Science Center are featured in this presentation.
Laboratory Renovation
Louis Hartman
A presentation at the Facilities Planning Bridge Session at the PKAL 2002 Summer Institute by Louis Hartman of HarleyEllis.

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