2004 F21 National Assembly - Dallas

October 15 - 17, 2004

The assembly is designed for individual F21 members as well as for teams (including non-F21 colleagues) from F21 institutions, at all career stages, in all spheres of responsibility. Having institutional teams will be of particular value on Sunday when participants will analyze what works (for them and for their campus) in nurturing leaders. The new PKAL publication, Leadership (particularly the "tear-out" section) will be a resource for these sessions.

Leaders pursue their passions in many contexts beyond that of their home institution. Alerting participants to their role as leaders in a changing society, E. Bernice Johnson has been invited to speak from her perspective as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, representing the 30th District of Texas (of which Dallas is a part). Congresswoman Johnson, the ranking minority member of the Subcommittee on Research, House Committee on Science, is an outspoken advocate for strengthening all levels of science and mathematics education.

  • Special guests at the pre-assembly lunch/seminar are teams of early-career engineering faculty from minority-serving institutions. If you would like to mentor a "first-timer," please let us know.

  • Eric Mazur is widely recognized for his leadership in transforming large lecture courses with the use of technology; here he challenges us to understand how to link insights from cognitive science with curricular reform.

  • F21 members are invited to prepare posters related to the themes of the 2003 PKAL Assemblies, and to reflect on their varied leadership roles in transforming the learning environment. The posters will remain up all weekend, in a gracious hospitality space next to all meeting rooms.

  • Carl Wieman has become one of the nation's leading advocates for transforming STEM education, from his position as a Nobel Laureate and Chair of the National Academy of Sciences Education Committee. A few years ago, Jeanne Narum interviewed Dr. Weiman and the text can be found here

  • James M. Gentile is slated to take the office of President at the Research Corporation next year and is currently the Dean for the Natural Sciences and the Kenneth G. Herrick Professor of Biology at Hope College.

  • Denice D. Denton is the Dean of Engineering and a Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington.

  • The leadership initiative on Saturday will be small group discussions about charting a career trajectory. The brochure cover suggests the multiple routes to a meaningful career.

  • The focus on career trajectories (opportunities and challenges) addresses the need of many F21 members for time to reflect on and seek advice about their future, particularly mid-career F21 members who have a different set of possibilities than early career faculty.

Sessions will be facilitated, but informal. There will be significant time to discuss career options in an informal, non-threatening setting. PKAL village elders (the PKAL National Steering Committee) will contribute to these and other discussions throughout the weekend.

The Dallas venue provides an opportunity to recognize the support, over $1.4 million since 1994, from the ExxonMobil Foundation for the PKAL F21 network.