2005 F21 Leadership Institute - Baca

June 5 - 10, 2005

Since 1996, PKAL has sponsored a series of Summer Leadership Institutes for the PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century (F21) Network. These summer institutes, supported by grants from the NSF Directorates for Biological Sciences & Mathematical and Physical Sciences, provide the opportunity for a select group of F21 members to develop leadership skills for the 21st century by interacting with their peers and a core group of mentors.

Reflections from F21 members on past Leadership Institutes:

When I came to the PKAL F21 Leadership Institute, I was completely unaware of how to be a department chair. When I left, I knew what the major issues were and I had learned enough about them that I could lead with confidence.

The PKAL F21 Leadership Institute provided a safe haven to explore different levels of leadership with the mentors and to foster understanding of how our individual strengths and weaknesses would influence the type and level of leadership we might be interested in undertaking. […] My strengths in my new position [as an administrator] come from both the training I have received from PKAL as well as the certain knowledge that I now have a network of talented and capable mentors to guide me through challenging tasks.

I learned it is advantageous to have a mind in more than one way to get somewhere…I learned to be flexible and saw first hand that one rarely achieves anything acting alone…I learned that for the long-term development of an institution, how change is achieved can be as important as the change itself.

Through the PKAL F21 Leadership Institutes I have received wonderful mentoring and met people from whom I have learned. I am now in a place that I hope I can mentor others and help others learn from the experiences that I have had.

Reports, Best Ideas, & Proceedings

Characteristics of the Ideal Department, v.2
Arnold Ostebee, C. Gary Reiness
The "Ideal Department" as characterized by participants from "Building Vital Departments" at the second Leadership Institute at Baca from June 5-10, 2005.

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