Facilities Workshop

How Space Shapes Learning Outcomes for Students in the 21st Century

March 2, 2007

A workshop co-sponsored by Project Kaleidoscope, the Center for Balance by Design, and the Swiss House for Advanced Research & Education.

The workshop was located at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design in partnership with the Women in Design (WiD), Advanced Studies Program (ASP), and Social Change and Activism (SoCA) committees and at the Swiss House for Advanced Research & Education.

  • How will educational facilities look, feel, and function in the future?
  • How should they be shaped to ensure optimum student learning?
  • How can spaces become environments for learning, for preparing students to become leaders in the world they enter upon graduation?

The design of this one-day workshop was to give participating teams opportunity to work with experts in shaping learning environments that anticipate the future, from the perspective of incorporating new pedagogies, new technologies, and emerging research on how people learn into the planning process. The workshop will begin with plenary discussions on theories and trends that should be considered in shaping new spaces for learning. The core of the workshop was work of teams in exploring some of those theories and trends in the context of their specific institutional needs and vision, followed by a general reporting out session.