History of PKAL

PKAL Phase III: 1997-1999

In moving into its ninth year, PKAL is committed to the vision of a strong undergraduate SME&T community that has sustained us from the beginning. Pursuing this vision, PKAL continues to:

  • sponsor events.
  • develop publications.

These events and publications are central to PKAL's efforts to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and information about the process and content of reform and to build supportive networks of individuals and institutions engaged in productive actions.

After nearly a decade of creative foment and energy in undergraduate SME&T (what someone has called a 'quiet revolution'), some important lessons have been learned, however, that shape our planning for the years to come. In Phase III, PKAL:

  • moves toward a greater emphasis on institutional reform, engaging colleges and universities that have documented success in changing policies, programs, and practices that affect undergraduate SME&T
  • prepares templates and tool-kits to be used by institutions seeking best practices in integrating research and education, incorporating new technologies into classroom and lab, designing structures for faculty recognition and reward
  • develops written and electronic publications to keep the community engaged in discussion of critical issues, including PKAL Volume IV: Lessons Learned-- A Decade of Reform and a Supplement to PKAL Volume III
  • participates more directly in discussions about undergraduate SME&T in the national interest

Phase III Funding came from the Phase II funders