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Investing in Faculty, 2001
Report on Project Kaleidoscope 2000 - 2001
Central to PKAL's work are activities related to helping faculty pursue successful careers and meeting the expectations placed on them to be productive scholars and contributing members of the community. This report outlines lessons learned and issues yet to be addressed in ensuring the excellence of the next generation of STEM faculty.


Building a community of leaders: The PKAL F21 Experience
Jeanne L. Narum
The challenge for leaders -- current and rising -- is to build an environment in which ideas flourish, are shared openly and freely, and where risks are taken, and the possibility of failure is acceptable: a community in which people of good faith have come together around a common vision and sense of purpose
Faculty and scholarly networks
Faculty and Scholarly Networks- Excerpts from Then, Now, and in the Next Decade: A Commentary on Strengthening Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education.