Environmental Science

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Cultivating a shared environmental vision at Middlebury College
Nan Jenks-Jay
In the mid 1990s, Middlebury proposed significant advancements in leadership in the environmental sciences. A presidential declaration was recognition that the environment was integral to Middlebury's educational mission and operational goals.


Creek Connections: Connecting Kids and Curriculum through Watershed Studies
James O. Palmer
At the heart of this teacher scholar partnership is a collaboration between the college and public school districts in western Pennsylvania and New York for the purpose of encouraging natural science education through hands-on field and laboratory experiences.
Environmental studies at St. Olaf College
Charles E. Umbanhowar Jr.
At St. Olaf College, connections between the environmental studies program and the outside world occur through a student's course of study in off-campus courses, individual research, and a capstone seminar. Students must complete an experiential component that involves data collection or field work.