Facilities Budgeting: Construction & Maintenance

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The architect's perspective: Budgeting and financing for STEM facilities
Richard Green
From the architect's perspective, Richard Green offers advice on planning a STEM facility. He emphasizes the importance of communication among the institution members, architect, and construction manager or contractor. By understanding hard, soft and long-term operating costs, facility planners can be active and knowledgeable participants in the planning and construction process.


Cost planning
Larry Gleason
Today there is great competition for dollars within a framework of shrinking budgets. The scrutiny of trustees, alumni and public officials demands greater accountability on all projects. Securing public or donor support for spending on higher education facilities requires consistently applied, efficient and appropriate cost control and schedule management.

How do you get more control of your project, budgets and schedule? What are the components of effective cost planning and management at various stages of a building project’s development? Why do some projects come in well over budget while others satisfy program demands without exceeding budget constraints? How do you establish a capital improvement budget early enough in the process for fundraising and be assured it has a realistic relationship to the final designed and constructed cost? The slides following are part of a presentation addressing these questions. The full presentation provides case studies illustrating key concepts, defines terms and strives to achieve a common language for discussing budgeting and cost management. It also contains various cost reporting methods and tools available for retrieving cost data.
Ideas for renovating for the future
A review of addition and renovation projects at The Lawrenceville School (Noyes History Building & F.M. Kirby Science Center), Hartwick College (Miller Hall), and Yale University (Kline Biology Tower) covering goals, needs, phasing, and budgeting.

Keck Consultation Reports

Sustaining Commitment to Facilities Planning
The Keck/PKAL Consultation Program
One southern campus had been engaged in a ‘fits and starts’ approach to thinking about new spaces, and needed help in thinking about ways to maintain the current momentum.


Budgeting: STEM facilities in an integrated planning context
Arthur J. Lidsky
Many institutions segregate their planning into three spheres: budgetary, academic, and campus and facility planning. Arthur Lidsky explains that it is necessary to integrate these three plans and communicate ideas and vision with all those involved with the project. Including two exhibits outlining revenues and expenses of the institution and the costs of a project, this essay guides STEM facility planners towards a collaborative and comprehensive new facility plan. # The architect's perspective: Budgeting and financing for STEM facilities
Fund Development for Science (STEM) Facilities: The Role of the President
James Appleton

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Funding Undergraduate Science Facilities: Telling a Powerful Story
Marianne Jordan
In describing the case for your science building, what we call fundraising, is in essence telling a story. Whether you are the grants officer or a major gifts officer, you are trying to persuade others to donate to your building and to get them excited about the possibilities represented by the facility.