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National Institutes of Health - Roadmap
According to NIH's new Roadmap: "Many scientists will continue to pursue individual research projects, however, they will be encouraged to make changes in the way they approach this enterprise. NIH wants to stimulate new ways of combining skills and disciplines within the physical and biological sciences...In addition, novel partnerships, such as those between the public and private sectors, will be encouraged to accelerate the movement of scientific discoveries from the bench to the bedside."
National Science Foundation - Exploring the Concept of Undergraduate Research Centers
The Chemistry Division, MPS Directorate, at NSF is piloting a new program. "One central theme [of the planning workshop] was that of collaboration: participants agreed that URCs should bring institutions with divergent missions together to their mutual benefit. A second strong theme that emerged was that, as often as possible, students should be involved in real research and actively contribute to the production of new knowledge. The utility of community-based research experiences in attracting students to the sciences, particularly at urban and nonresidential institutions, was recognized in this context...[T]he concept of URCs clearly represents the kernel of a comprehensive vision for undergraduate education, one with the potential to transform it from an exclusive "ivory tower" into a vigorous and dynamic forum of inclusiveness and engagement for a larger group of students than we currently serve."


Budgeting: STEM facilities in an integrated planning context
Arthur J. Lidsky
Many institutions segregate their planning into three spheres: budgetary, academic, and campus and facility planning. Arthur Lidsky explains that it is necessary to integrate these three plans and communicate ideas and vision with all those involved with the project. Including two exhibits outlining revenues and expenses of the institution and the costs of a project, this essay guides STEM facility planners towards a collaborative and comprehensive new facility plan. # The architect's perspective: Budgeting and financing for STEM facilities
Fund Development for Science (STEM) Facilities: The Role of the President
James Appleton
Obtaining STEM support from private foundations: A team approach
Sandra A. Glass
In order to receive support from private foundations, it is important to form teams of faculty, administrators, and development officers within the campus community. With varied expertise, the team members target specific foundations, learn about their grants and levels of support, and write a proposal. Following the steps and advice in Sandra Glass's essay will help any campus team to identify how to work together successfully and to receive funding from private foundations.

A President's Perspective: Fund Development for Science Facilities
James Appleton
Fundraising Activities