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Evidence for the Efficacy of Student-Active Learning Pedagogies
Jeffrey E. Froyd

Personal Statements

PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century Statement
Shubhik K. DebBurman
Shubhik DebBurman, PKAL F21 Class of 2004 member, discusses ways of preparing diverse graduates for a technologically sophisticated and scientifically interdisciplinary twenty-first century community in his member statement.


Facilities for the research-rich learning environment
Richard M. Heinz
Where do you start in thinking about 21st century spaces for 21st century learning communities? First is the diversity of demands on the spaces: expected to play a role in attracting and sustaining the interest of students in STEM fields; expected to be easy to use, manage and maintain over the long-term; able to accommodate with ease students with different learning styles and career aspirations, as well as emerging technologies and contemporary pedagogies; and finally—expected to enhance institutional distinction over the long-term. To make this happen, planners need to think about concepts such as collaboration, celebration and community. From his perspective as a lab designer, Rick Heinz offers ideas about options and opportunities in the process of planning new spaces for science.
Teaching Cell Biology Today: Incorporating Contemporary Issues into a Collection of Teaching Modules
Katayoun Chamany
A web-accessible supplement for cell biology courses provides students with the opportunity students to learn the fundamental principles and methods of cell biology and learn how to apply this knowledge to other disciplines and their everyday lives.

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