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A Guide for Institution-Wide Planning
A Worksheet
Jeanne L. Narum
Getting a community to collaborate is easier when everyone is clear about the issues that to be addressed, in particular the essential need for a driving vision, and understands the sequence and series of issues that must be addressed. This worksheet is one approach to keeping the community focused during the months it takes to arrive at and realize their dreams.
Characteristics of Ideal Spaces for Science
Arriving at spaces for science that serve your community well for years to come requires both knowing what questions to ask and having a vision of what might be. We present a series of questions raised by institutional teams entering into the planning process, as well as a statement of the collective vision of PKAL leaders about the ideal 21st century science building, accompanied by a survey which can be used by individual campuses to determine their collective vision about facilities that serve their community.


Translating “How People Learn” into a Roadmap for Institutional Transformation: Framing Some of the Issues
Jose P. Mestre
In this presentation, Jose Mestre, Professor of Physics and Educational Psychology University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, "highlights several important conclusions from STEM learning research that have a bearing on the instructional mission of universities." He proposes "some issues and questions for us to consider in thinking about a roadmap for transforming the modern university that is aligned with our best understanding of learning."


Mission and vision for the sciences at Brooklyn College
Frank Grasso, Peter Lesser, Eleanor Miele, Theodore Raymond Muth, Simon Parsons, Louise Hainline
Transforming the undergraduate STEM learning begins with a clear vision grounded firmly in the institutional mission. This statement of mission and vision from Brooklyn College illustrates the power of a driving vision to mobilize a community to dream big about its future, in the context of planning new spaces for science. Brooklyn College is a PKAL Leadership Institution.
Planning Spaces that Make a Difference: Critical Questions

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