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Results from the 2003-04 MAA PKAL Biomath Survey
Debra L. Hydorn
PKAL and MAA have collaborated over the past several months to identify programs integrating the life sciences and the mathematical sciences. This is an ongoing project, and further examples of interesting programs are sought.

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Everything I Needed to Know about Averages...I Learned in College
Lynn A. Steen
Undergraduate mathematics, or quantitative reasoning, courses provide a core component to liberal education and apply across all college studies.


Making connections: To, from, and within the mathematical community
David M. Bressoud, Lynn A. Steen
Authors describe the wide range of activities and publications within the MAA (Mathematical Association of America) that emphasize three broader categories of connections important to their community:
  • connections to and from other disciplines
  • connections within the mathematical sciences
  • connections to the needs of students served by mathematics departments, majors and non-majors.
Mathematical Association of America
Arnold Ostebee
The mission of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA) is "to advance the mathematical sciences, especially at the collegiate level." This note provides brief descriptions of two of the MAA's national professional development programs that support leadership development.
Preparing 21st Century Leaders: A Departmental Responsibility
The experience of the mathematics department at the United States Military Academy illustrates how to integrate a comprehensive faculty development program into departmental efforts to reform the curriculum and serve larger institutional goals for student learning.
The connected curriculum project and beyond: Web-based learning materials in mathematics
Lawrence Moore

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