Planning - Curriculum Development

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Cycles in curriculum planning
John E. Kolb, Gary A. Gabriele, Sharon Roy
A chapter in the SCUP publication Technology-Driven Planning: Principles to Practice, edited by Judith V. Boettcher, Mary M. Doyle, and Richard W. Jensen, this essay serves as an accompaniment to the presentation above and provides insight into the RPI story and the institution's change in curriculum, computers, and teaching styles.
Science and the other liberal arts: Some strategies for general education
A. Truman Schwartz
A FIPSE lecture delivered on March 26, 1993, at Brescia College, in which the author suggests some desirable outcomes of undergraduate science education, proposes strategies for attaining those goals, and describes a number of specific courses created for that purpose.

Keck Consultation Reports

Leadership in Setting the Right Issues on the Table
The Keck/PKAL Consultation Program
This letter from the Keck/PKAL consultants advises a president of a college or university on planning new spaces for science.


Science across the curriculum - The Binghamton University Story
Albert H. Tricomi
In 1996, Binghamton University inaugurated its first General Education Program for all students. The process of discussing and approving requirements for this program had an immediate and a lasting effect on how students on our campus experience learning in mathematics and science.