Problem-based Learning (PBL)

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Problem-based Learning - A Collection of Resources
21st Century Pedagogies
Deborah Allen
Problem-Based Learning at Georgia Tech
An Interview with Wendy Newstetter
Wendy Newstetter
If, in 2000, you had the option to start from scratch— no courses, curriculum, or spaces— yet with the vision of guiding students to become truly integrative thinkers, to be able to move seamlessly between the world of engineering and the world of biology, what kind of learning environment would you have in place today?

Based on their theory of learning, that it should be situated and collaborative, Georgia Tech’s biomedical engineering faculty have achieved courses, program and space that engage students in authentic problem-solving, doing the kind of model-based reasoning that engineers do. In contrast with large classrooms where there is one whiteboard on which the professor displays what he or she knows, their PBL rooms are designed for groups of eight students–with wall-to-wall white boards. Here students can "go public," externalize and display what they are learning, and identify through that display what they do not yet know.
Resources on Cooperative Learning and Problem-Based Learning
Karl Smith, University of Minnesota
Using The Learning Knowledge Base: The Connection Between Problem Solving and Cooperative Group Techniques
Kenneth Heller, Patricia Heller
"There is no known 'best' way to teach. The most effective teaching method depends on the specific goals of a course, the strengths of the instructor, the needs of the students, and the constraints imposed by the situation. Determining a few achievable course goals is the first, and most important step in teaching."
What is Problem-based Learning?
Deborah Allen, Barbara Duch


Evidence for the Efficacy of Student-Active Learning Pedagogies
Jeffrey E. Froyd


Pedagogies of Engagement – Cooperative Learning and Problem-Based Learning
Karl A. Smith

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Power of Problem-Based Learning: A Practical 'How To' for Teaching Undergraduate Courses in Any Discipline, The
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Problem-based learning in undergraduate science
21st Century Pedagogies
Deborah Allen