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A PKAL essay: Investing in faculty - Ways and means
In the process of setting forth an institutional vision, primary attention must be given to the character and quality of the faculty. A clear understanding of the why and the how of investing in faculty must be an integral part of the strategic planning process.
Getting Support & Budget for Your Great Idea, Part II
Peter Facione
Complementing the first two sections on the chair and the deans and academic vice presidents, this third edition of Peter Facione's essay Getting support and budget for your great idea discusses the ways towards devising a budget for your great idea. Providing formulas and advice on developing a proposal, Facione emphasizes getting advice from others on campus in order to have a complete and comprehensive budget to include with your grant proposal.
Roles & Responsibilities of Academic Leaders
An Essay
Jeanne L. Narum
Building and sustaining faculty careers involves more than hiring a new body. Planning is critical to the success of the person, department and institution.