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Addressing one American Psychological Association goal for student learning
Christine Marco
A report of departmental efforts to implement a curriculum assessment strategy.
Undergraduate Psychology Major Learning Goals and Outcomes
In a recent report, Undergraduate Psychology Major Learning Goals and Outcomes, the American Psychological Association’s Board of Educational Affairs provided ten suggested goals and related learning outcomes for the undergraduate psychology major.

Keck Consultation Reports

Advancing Reform Efforts through the PKAL-Keck Consultation Program: A Psychology Department
The Keck/PKAL Consultation Program
This small private college in the west requested assistance in reviewing its psychology program. The request was triggered by the dean, who was considering adding a new faculty line for the department and wished to have a clearer sense of the future of psychology programs in undergraduate settings.
Don't Drown Students with Details: A Psychology Department's Transformation
The Keck/PKAL Consultation Program
This public institution in the northwest requested an evaluation of their psychology department. It was determined that the department should focus on breadth rather than depth. The consultants felt undergraduate psychology students would benefit from increased exposure to many aspects of psychology. It is believed graduates of the program will be more well-rounded following this revision.


A Science-Based, Integrative Pilot Approach to Introduction to Psychology
Nancy Dess
A pilot introductory course ventures away from the traditional approach of explaining the structure of the discipline and toward a topical teaching approach that exchanges depth for breadth.