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Applying the Science of Learning to University Teaching and Beyond
Diane F. Halpern, Milton D. Hakel
The editors begin, "It is sadly true that most of the way we teach and learn is uninformed by laboratory findings in human cognition." This book addresses the need for faculty to reform pedagogy based on recent findings in how students learn effectively. As a whole, the scientific community needs to reform higher education to maintain validity with today's students. For faculty and administrators interested in long-lasting pedagogical reform this is a must-read.
Teaching demands versus research productivity
Keith M. Howard, Monir H. Sharobeam
Faculty in undergraduate institutions are scholars and need to be actively engaged in research. They must also publish and get grants to be promoted and tenured. The strong demand on their time for teaching and college services, however, leaves them little time for research.


The impact of institutional culture
In interviews with recipients of the NSF Distinguished Teaching Scholars award, we asked about the impact of their institutional culture in enabling them to pursue new directions and approaches in their work as a teaching scholar. Visit the NSF Distinguished Teaching Scholars website for information about the October 20th deadline for 2005 nominations.


A PKAL essay: Investing in Faculty at Every Career Stage
Alison I. Morrison-Shetlar, Kathleen Hohenleitner
It is essential for colleges and university to invest in faculty development at every career level. In the face of general concerns about research grants, endowments, regional and international partnerships, it is critical that institutions take time to reflect on the job faculty have at hand, that of teaching and learning.
Faculty and scholarly networks
Faculty and Scholarly Networks- Excerpts from Then, Now, and in the Next Decade: A Commentary on Strengthening Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education.

Technologies are Changing Learning and Teaching