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Report on Reports I, 2002
Recommendations for Action in support of Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
An analysis of and recommendations from a selection of influential reports since the mid-1980’s that have set the stage for and shaped efforts to transform undergraduate STEM.
Shaping the Future of Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education, 1997
Proceedings from the PKAL Day of Dialogue
Proceedings and recommendations from the PKAL Day of Dialogue at the National Academy of Sciences on roles of professional/disciplinary societies in undergraduate STEM education.
Then, Now and in the Next Decade, 1999
A Commentary on Strengthening Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education
Frank G. Rothman
Our point of departure (then) is the mid-1980s, when education in these fields was not perceived to be serving national needs. We contrast the circumstances of that time with those of today (now) and identify steps that need to be taken in the coming decade to address urgent needs of students, science and technology, and society.