Under-represented Groups

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What Works Statements

What Works: Ensuring the Success of Under-represented Groups in STEM Learning Environments


Jump for the Sun Program
Mary L. Crowe
The Environmental Institute of the Jump for the Sun II (JFS) program was designed to change middle school girls and middle school teacher attitudes about doing science, which uses science activities to increase interest in STEM fields.

Personal Statements

PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century Statement
Shubhik K. DebBurman
Shubhik DebBurman, PKAL F21 Class of 2004 member, discusses ways of preparing diverse graduates for a technologically sophisticated and scientifically interdisciplinary twenty-first century community in his member statement.


An Interview with a Leader: Freeman Hrabowski III, President, Univ. of Maryland – Baltimore County
Freeman A. Hrabowski III
It was clear to my colleagues and to me that we needed to have a variety of conversations– engaging faculty, students and staff– about the issue of minority achievement at UMBC and to look more broadly at the achievement of students across the board.


6. Investing in Human Potential... 1993 - AAAS (Background)
Working toward and ensuring the success of African American students in STEM fields
Freeman A. Hrabowski III
The identifiable elements that contribute to systemic and sustainable reform are all visible in the learning environment at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). This institution is nationally-recognized for the strength of its science/engineering programs and for its effectiveness in working as a community to ensure the success of all students– particularly African American students– in the study of STEM fields.