Peter Facione

Senior Associate

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Getting Support & Budget for Your Great Idea, Part I
Peter Facione's essay develops a scenario through which a faculty member (or a team of faculty) with a good idea builds internal connections within a campus in order to secure resources to advance their ideas. He urges faculty to figure out how a single good idea fits into their long-term goals for professional advancement, into the departmental and institutional priorities, and how to articulate that connection to people with decision-making responsibilities. His main point is that good administrators "remember people who have good ideas and show initiative and energy, even if [they] cannot support the person at that moment and in the way the person is asking. [They] are talent scouts and coaches, mentors and leaders...looking for motivated people whose work and vision they can use for the betterment of that person and of the school."
Getting Support & Budget for Your Great Idea, Part II
Complementing the first two sections on the chair and the deans and academic vice presidents, this third edition of Peter Facione's essay Getting support and budget for your great idea discusses the ways towards devising a budget for your great idea. Providing formulas and advice on developing a proposal, Facione emphasizes getting advice from others on campus in order to have a complete and comprehensive budget to include with your grant proposal.