David Lopatto

Professor of Psychology

Grinnell College

David Lopatto's website

David Lopatto is Professor of Psychology and Chairman of the Psychology Department at Grinnell College. He is currently collaborating with Dr. Elaine Seymour of the University of Colorado on an NSF-funded project to study the benefits of undergraduate research experiences at four liberal arts colleges. He recently authored an article entitled The Essential Features of Undergraduate Research in March, 2003 issue of the CUR Quarterly.

What undergraduate research can tell us about research on learning
With support from NSF, and with the engagement of colleagues at the University of Colorado Boulder, David Lopatto documents the benefits of undergraduate research experiences on student learning, based on the experiences of four campuses (Grinnell College, Harvey Mudd College, Hope College, Wellesley College) that had received the NSF Award for Integration of Research and Education (AIRE). His survey instruments, approaches, and outcomes suggest how the undergraduate research experience can be integrated into efforts to strengthen learning of students in STEM fields.
Hot pedagogy and cold buildings
David Lopatto, Professor of Psychology at Grinnell College, explores the influences of motivation and emotion on decision-making and on thinking– what psychologists occasionally call “hot cognition.”