Frank G. Rothman

Professor of Biology and Provost, Emeritus, Department of Molecular Biology, Cell Biology and Biochemistry

Brown University

A PKAL essay: Leadership in building a facility for STEM education
For campus leaders, providing appropriate facilities for science* education represents both a major challenge and a major opportunity. Typically, a new building should last for 30 years; it must therefore provide facilities for the science of the future, which cannot fully be anticipated.
Then, Now and in the Next Decade, 1999
A Commentary on Strengthening Undergraduate Science, Mathematics, Engineering and Technology Education
Our point of departure (then) is the mid-1980s, when education in these fields was not perceived to be serving national needs. We contrast the circumstances of that time with those of today (now) and identify steps that need to be taken in the coming decade to address urgent needs of students, science and technology, and society.