J. B. Sharma

Professor of Physics

Gainesville State College

F21 Class of 1999

The Gainesville College story
One case study from the SPIN-UP/TYC report is from the work of J.B. Sharma, Professor of Physics at Gainesville College in Georgia, which includes an active Society of Physics Students (SPS) which brings students into the physics community on the campus and keeps them engaged. Dr. Sharma is a member of the PKAL Faculty for the 21st Century and serves on the PKAL Phase IV Steering Committee.
Loon University: Transforming to a technology-rich learning environment
Referring to Case Study #2, J.B. Sharma and Ann Smith pose the question of whether or not Loon University would benefit from moving towards a technology-rich learning environment.
A technology-enabled learning environment
Innovation in teaching/learning can only be sustained with quickly accessible and capable support. In technologically aided guided exploration, expect the unexpected.
Bringing community college faculty to the table to improve science education for all