Ann C. Smith

Instructor,Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics

University of Maryland College Park

F21 Class of 2002

Ann C. Smith's website

Ann C. Smith received her B.A. in Biology at the College of Wooster, Wooster OH and her MS and PhD in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Rochester, Rochester, N. Y. An Instructor at the University of Maryland in the Department of Microbiology /Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics since 1987, she recently completed six years as the Department’s Director of Undergraduate Programs. Her teaching focus has been the large enrollment general microbiology class, through this course she has developed an interest in engaging students in learning science in large enrollment courses. Along with colleagues who also teach this class, she has investigated the use of technology (eg WebCT and clickers), teaching with case studies, and employing teamwork for teaching (where teams of faculty, graduate TA’s and undergraduate TA’s act together on the “teacher side” and teams of students work collaboratively on the “learner side”) as tools to facilitate active learning. The General Microbiology teaching team/course has been recognized with a University of Maryland Teaching with Technology Award in 2002, and with an exemplary rating by the College Board AP Best Practices Course Study in 2006. Ann also works with a teaching team that brings together faculty from eight courses that target Host Pathogen Interactions. The HPI team is investigating how to work collaboratively to create linkages among HPI courses as well as meaningful learning within the courses. Presently Ann serves as an Interim Assistant Dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies at UM. Ann is a UM Lily Fellow, Editor of the American Society for Microbiology Visual Resources Collection, and Faculty 21 member of Project Kaleidoscope.
Loon University: Transforming to a technology-rich learning environment
Referring to Case Study #2, J.B. Sharma and Ann Smith pose the question of whether or not Loon University would benefit from moving towards a technology-rich learning environment.
Ann Catherine Smith
What works: Observations from the field
Ann Smith is Director of Undergraduate Programs in the Department of Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland College Park.