Thomas E. Brady

Dean of the College of Life Sciences & Agriculture, Director of the NH Agriculture Experiment Station

University of New Hampshire

Connecting to Washington
"Connecting to Washington," for day-trips or for short- or long-term assignments, is time and money well-spent for those taking responsibility for shaping the environment for learning for undergraduates in American colleges and universities. That is, if you plan carefully how to use that time, how to link what is happening at the national level to what is happening on your campus, in your local or disciplinary community. Such connections are essential when you as a leader reach out to build upon the work of others (getting grants is one example here), but Washington connections are important for many other reasons as well.
The Three-Legged Leadership Stool
Presented by
  • Gary Gabriele, Vice President and Dean of Undergraduate Education - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (on leave at NSF)
  • Thomas Brady, Director of the Dvision of Integrative Organismal Biology, Directorate for Biological Sciences - National Science Foundation
  • J. Lynn Zimmerman, Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives and Professor of Biological Sciences - University of Maryland, Baltimore County