Lasse Lindahl

Professor & Chair, Department of Biological Sciences

University of Maryland Baltimore County

The UMBC Story
This session of the PKAL seminar will present UMBC’s strategies in a historic perspective. Opening in 1966, UMBC is a relatively young institution compared to many universities and colleges. In this short time, UMBC has developed a rich tradition for involving both UMBC and non-UMBC students in its faculty research programs. Seven faculty and staff members will summarize the historic background for these traditions, as well as the principles that make the UMBC programs successful. These programs include structured opportunities for UMBC students from groups underrepresented in the sciences (Meyerhoff and MARC U*STAR) and summer and other undergraduate research experiences for undergraduates (BSURE, EMBARC and Beckman Scholars) as well as less structured opportunities for students who are not part of these formal programs.