Phillip D. Long

Director of the Centre for Education Innovation & Technology

The University of Queensland

Phillip Long is an Associate Director in the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology, and Research Scientist in the Center for Educational Computing Initiatives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He provides direction in applying MIT Information Services and Technology resources to support the integration of technology into the curriculum. He leads the MIT iCampus dissemination effort freely sharing MIT developed educational technology tools to support active learning & scalable web services for undergraduate instruction. Current research interests focus on designing physical and virtual learning spaces to support active, authentic learning strategies and software to support them.

Dr. Long’s professional activities are numerous: NMC Board (06-09), NMC Project Horizon (current & 2006), 2006 Syllabus Conference Campus Host, 2006 ELI SAC Program Committee Chair, MIT DSpace Policy Committee, Steven’s Institute of Technology WebCampus board, past member of the US Army Distance Learning Subcommittee, and many others. Dr. Long is also a Senior Associate with the TLT Group, a non-profit dedicated to improve teaching and learning by making more appropriate and cost-effective use of information technology.

Plenary II: The MIT Story
Reporting Out
Plenary II: The MIT Story (Audio)
Reporting Out
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Reporting Out
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Questions For the Next Decade, Phillip D. Long, Wendy Newstetter, Louis G. Tassinary
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May 27, 2008