Mary Sue Lowery

Professor of Biology

University of San Diego

F21 Class of 1995

Sue Lowery is a biology professor at the University of San Diego and was project shepherd for USD's 150,000 square foot multidisciplinary science center. Sue received her PhD from University of California San Diego's Scripps Institution of Oceanography in marine biology and has been at USD since 1990. Her primary research interests are exercise and diet effects on muscle growth and gene expression in marine fish. The new science center has enhanced facilities to promote the involvement of many students (undergraduates, masters, and high school) in research. Sue also is involved with science outreach programs for middle school girls in San Diego.

Orchestrating the Facilities Planning Process: The Role of the Project Shepherd
Project Shepherd and the People of the Planning Process
We will describe how to identify and assemble the people to be involved in the planning process, and outline the steps through which designs move from the programming stage to the point of construction documents. Planning a new facility, even a single classroom or laboratory, is a defi ning moment in the life of an institution. Not because you will solve the problem of too little space for too many faculty and students, or the problem of inadequate hoods or leaking roofs, but because the process becomes a communal eff ort. In coming together to wrestle with the why and the how of new structures and spaces for undergraduate programs in science, mathematics, and engineering, your community will both shape and be shaped by debates and discussions about matters of broad and mutual concern.