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Gary P. Radice

Associate Professor of Biology

University of Richmond

F21 Class of 1994

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Gary Radice graduated with a B.A. in Biology and Religion from Wittenberg University in 1974. He earned a PhD in Cell, Development and Genetics from Yale University in 1979 and did postdoctoral research at UC Davis, Stanford, and Indiana University-Bloomington. He joined the University of Richmond in 1990. He is a member of the the original F21 class of 1994. He teaches courses on cell biology, developmental biology, microanatomy, biological imaging, and human development. His research interest is in developmental anatomy: the cellular and molecular processes that embryos use to construct their 3 dimensional body plans.

Gary has a particular interest in ways to use microscopy and digital image analysis in teaching, and has received two NSF CCLI grants for this work. He also been strongly influenced by the implications of the How People Learn reports and is now trying to integrate pedagogical techniques that are based on research in education and cognitive science. He has a particular interest in approaches that elicit and make explicit students conceptual understanding.

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Gary P. Radice
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Gary Radice is Associate Professor of Biology at University of Richmond.