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Douglas A. Weldon

Stone Professor of Psychology

Hamilton College

Doug Weldon is a behavioral neuroscientist at Hamilton College, where he is the Stone Professor of Psychology. He earned his undergraduate degree from the College of Wooster, a master's degree from Towson State University, and his doctorate from SUNY at Buffalo. From 1997-2005 he served as the Coordinator of Science Curriculum and Facilities, the faculty shepherd of Hamilton's science center that opened in September, 2005. This $56 million project, consisting of renovation and new construction, brings all of the sciences under one roof and provides 106k nsf of classroom, laboratory, and student study space.

21st Century Science
For present day and future science education, teaching students in flexible and inviting spaces that enable instructors to use a variety of pedagogical approaches is a desirable goal. In this session, we will discuss some classroom and laboratory designs that accomplish this general objective, with an emphasis on spaces that enhance opportunities for hands-on exercises and research experiences for students at all levels of the curriculum. We will also discuss design features that enhance the effectiveness of interdisciplinary teaching and research that is becoming commonplace in the 21st century.
Linking Planning of New Spaces for Science to Institutional/Long-range Planning
A successful science construction project requires a clear conceptual framework that fits in with the objectives of the planning for the institution as a whole. This session will focus on the questions that need to be asked at the earliest stages of planning and the processes that need to be put in place to develop the answers to those questions. The perspectives of the institution, the faculty, and the architect will be discussed.
A Vision of 21st Century Undergraduate Science and Math at Hamilton College
This statement from Hamilton College outlines a coherent vision for the sciences across all disciplines, with the specific aim of guiding the planning and building process for new science facilities.
Hamilton College Departmental Visions
Mission statements from STEM departments at Hamilton College that were used, in part, to help plan new science facilities on campus.
Breakout Session II-C
Hamilton College, Einhorn Yaffee Prescott Architecture & Engineering P.C.
Plenary Session V: Presentation I
How Can Future STEM Learning Communities Reflect The Future STEM Communities of Practice? Richard M. Heinz, Crit Stuart, Douglas Weldon